You need to send documents from individual applications by fax?
Use ActFax to send faxes from any Windows application. It's as easy as printing.
You want a faxing solution that is easy to install and maintain?
ActFax is installed and configured in just a few minutes. Also if you are no IT expert.
Faxes should be automatically sent directly from your applications?
ActFax seamlessly integrates into all your applications. Quick and straightforward.
Received faxes should be automatically delivered to your users?
ActFax routes incoming faxes directly to your users. Fully automatically.
Always keeping track of the status of your fax messages is important for you?
ActFax notifies you by email or through the client software. In a matter of seconds.
The transmission of fax messages should be done through Voice over IP?
Use ActFax in combination with XCAPI. That's the future of faxing.
The reliability of your faxing solution is important for you?
More than 250,000 users worldwide trust in ActFax. Day by day.
the professional faxing solution
trusted by more than 250,000 users worldwide
easy to install and maintain
fast. reliable. scaleable.
Update Prices
Product Updates

ActFax Update Packages

Every new ActFax license automatically comes with 2 years of free updates. Updates exceeding that time period can be installed by ordering an update package for your license.
Update packages are available for a time period of 1, 2 or 3 years. The longer the period for the update package is, the lower the annual costs for updates are. If there is an update package required for the installation of an update, you are automatically informed by a notification message when the setup for the update starts. If you order a new update package before an existing update package has expired, the remaining time period is automatically added to the new package.
All update packages also include free technical support. That way we can ensure further development of the ActFax software, integration of future Windows versions and technical innovations as well as professional assistance through our support team.
ActFax Update Prices US-$
License Type 3 Years 2 Years 1 Year
5 User $ 395.00 $ 316.00 $ 237.00
10 User $ 530.00 $ 424.00 $ 318.00
20 User $ 705.00 $ 564.00 $ 423.00
50 User $ 940.00 $ 752.00 $ 564.00
Unlimited User $ 1,247.50 $ 998.00 $ 748.50
ActFax Update Prices Euro-€
License Type 3 Years 2 Years 1 Year
5 User € 332.50 € 266.00 € 199.50
10 User € 447.50 € 358.00 € 268.50
20 User € 595.00 € 476.00 € 357.00
50 User € 795.00 € 636.00 € 477.00
Unlimited User € 1,055.00 € 844.00 € 633.00
To order an ActFax update package, please use our Online Order System (256-bit SSL/TLS encryption for secure data exchange), send us an email to sales@actfax.com or contact us by fax. Make sure to enter your full company name and address with your order to guarantee fast and flawless order processing. Payment can be done with credit card (Visa, MC/EC or American Express), bank transfer or check. If you prefer to do payment through Paypal, contact us at sales@actfax.com. If your company is located in the European Union (EU), make sure to also enter your value added tax identification number (VAT-ID) with the order.
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