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Web Fax Provider
Faxing through PC-Fax.com

ActFax and Web Fax Providers

ActFax can not just be used with traditional analog and ISDN phone lines or VoIP/FoIP. As an alternative, using ActFax in combination with a Web Fax Provider would be a very easy and economic way to connect the fax server to the public switched telephone network.
When using ActFax with a Web Fax Provider, no modems or fax boards and no local phone lines are needed, because the complete infrastructure to connect the fax server to the telephone network is provided by the Web Fax Provider. All you need is an account from your provider. Since Web Fax Providers are connected to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) with a very large number of phone lines, even huge fax volumes can be sent in a short time and dozens of parallel inbound faxes can be received.
The connection between the fax server and the Web Fax Provider is done through a normal encrypted Internet connection. The fax data is submitted in digital format, which makes the connection immune to transmission failures (this often is a major issue with Voice over IP connections). The setup of the fax server is very simple when using a Web Fax Provider; you typically just need to enter the login and password of your account in ActFax (see screenshot of the menu Communication / Web Fax Service on the fax server).

Web Fax Service PC-Fax.com

For the highest level of availability and compatibility, we recommend using the Web Fax Provider PC-Fax.com. The interface between the fax server and the telephone network, as well as the physical transmission of outbound and inbound faxes is provided directly by PC-Fax.com. All faxes are delivered promptly and in best quality, which is guaranteed by a high-performance data center with 24/7 monitoring, connected with high-speed fiber optic links to all important phone providers all over the world.
When using ActFax in combination with the PC-Fax.com service, you need to use at least ActFax version 7.10. An account for PC-Fax.com can be created directly through their registration page.

Installation on Virtual Machines

Web Fax Providers do not require any additional hardware or software and can therefore be used without any limitations on virtual machines (i.e. VMware ESX, Citrix XenServer, Hyper-V). The installation is completely hardware independent that way. The communication of the fax server with the Web Fax Provider is done directly through the built-in network interface of the fax server PC.

Web Fax Pricing

Because you do not use your own phone lines when faxing through a Web Fax Provider, there are no local phone charges when sending fax messages that way. Billing of transmitted faxes is done directly by the Web Fax Provider in that case. Prices for such fax transmissions are often much lower compared to the phone charges when sending through your own local phone lines, because of the huge number of fax calls the provider typically handles. Depending on the fax volumne, most providers offer packages with an included fax contingent or contracts with individual rates. The fax packages offered by PC-Fax.com can be found on the price list of their website. For large volumes, contact PC-Fax.com for an individual offer.