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trusted by more than 250,000 users worldwide
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Company Profile
Strategic Alliances

Partnerships and Alliances

Strong alliances are the basement of a reliable product. It is very important for us to have partnerships and cooperations with leading hardware and software manufacturers of the communication industry.
Many of these alliances include a close cooperation for technology exchange, support and marketing. Beside our many local partners, ActFax Communication also cooperates with leading companies of the IT and telecommunication industry. The latest technology is integrated into ActFax that way and is made available to you through product updates.

Brooktrout/Dialogic Technolgies

Brooktrout/Dialogic (www.dialogic.com) is one of the worlds leading providers for intelligent fax boards and telephony products. The large Brooktrout/Dialogic product range starts with fax boards with just a single fax line and goes up to fax boards with 30 fax lines. Brooktrout/Dialogic guarantees 100 % compatibility with the ITU T.30 Fax Standard for Group 3 fax devices and is therefore perfect for operation in robust fax server systems. ActFax supports the complete Brooktrout/Dialogic fax board product range (TR114, TR1034, TR1000 and Trufax).

CAPI Association

The CAPI Association (www.capi.org) is responsible for the standardization of the programming interface for ISDN adapters. The shortcut CAPI stands for Common ISDN Application Programming Interface. All major manufacturers of ISDN boards offer CAPI drivers to allow standardized access to BRI (Basic Rate Interface), PRI (Primary Rate Interface) and other ISDN boards. ActFax Communication is a member of the CAPI Association. ActFax is listed in the CAPI database as a CAPI 2.0 compliant product.


Concord (www.concord.net) is one of the worlds leading companies for Web based fax services. ActFax in combination with ConcordFax can be used to send and receive faxes through normal Internet connections without using any additional fax modems, fax boards or phone lines. This makes ConcordFax a perfect service, especially when running the fax server on virtual machines.

Dialogic (Eicon Networks)

Dialogic (Eicon Networks) (www.dialogic.com) is one of the worlds leading manufacturers for innovative communication solutions. Dialogic develops and markets high performance hardware based communication platforms for Unified Messaging (fax, voice, email, SMS), Remote Access (RAS), Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and Voice over IP gateways. The Dialogic product portfolio also includes WAN adapters and products for professional high-speed Internet access via ISDN. Dialogic offers its products in more than 80 countries worldwide through a network of distributors, telecommunication companies, Internet service providers (ISPs) and OEM partners. Dialogics corporate headquarter is in Montreal, Canada. The alliance between ActFax Communication and Dialogic includes technology exchange and product marketing.


Founded in 2009, etherFAX (www.etherfax.net) offers a secure document delivery platform and suite of applications widely used across a broad range of industries to digitize workflows and optimize business processes. As a leading provider of hybrid-cloud fax solutions supporting healthcare enterprises, etherFAX securely transmits protected health information and high-resolution documents directly to applications and devices with end-to-end encryption and ultra-fast transmission speeds. The partnership between ActFax Communication and etherFAX includes the integration and operation of fully automated cloud fax services according to the highest industry security standards.

Hewlett Packard (HP)

Hewlett-Packard (www.hp.com) manufactures and services electronic products and systems for computing and communication for industry, business, engineering, science, medicine and education. The companies more than 25,000 products include computers and peripheral products, networking products, medical electronic equipment and electronic components. ActFax has been designed for seamless integration with applications running on HP-UNIX (HP/UX) systems. ActFax also supports the HP Digital Sender 9100C series and other products.


Intel/Dialogic (www.intel.com) is one of the worlds leading providers for intelligent fax boards and telephony products. The large Intel/Dialogic product range starts with the CPi/100 fax board with just a single fax line up to the CPi/3000CT-E1 fax board with 30 fax lines. Intel/Dialogic guarantees 100 % compatibility with the ITU T.30 Fax Standard for Group 3 fax devices and is therefore perfect for operation in robust fax server systems. ActFax supports the complete Intel/Dialogic Gammalink CPi product series.


Mainpine (www.mainpine.com) is one of the leading suppliers of analog multi-port modem interface cards supporting the V.34 (Super G3) standard. Mainpine modem cards are a cost-efficient alternative for intelligent fax boards and guarantee reliable fax transmissions. ActFax supports the complete Mainpine RockForce product series (RockForce DUO+, RockForce QUATRO+ and RockForce OCTO+) and IQ Express (PCIe) fax boards.


PC-Fax.com (www.pc-fax.com) is working in the field of fax transmissions since 1996. In 1998 the development of the first automated mass fax software on the market was completed. PC-Fax.com already sent more than 150,000 documents per day in 2004. In 2010 PC-Fax.com released a faxing App for the Apple Appstore. This App was the third most popular App in the Appstore for a long time with 10 million downloads. All faxes are delivered promptly and in best quality, which is guaranteed by a high-performance data center with 24/7 monitoring, connected with high-speed fiber optic links to all important phone providers worldwide. PC-Fax.com is classified as a public telecommunication corporation; this is one of the highest performance levels. The cooperation between ActFax Communication and PC-Fax.com mainly includes the integration and operation of interfaces for fax automation.


With its outstanding solutions and services, intelligent infrastructure, and patented technology, Retarus (www.retarus.com) manages communication for companies worldwide. Retarus state-of-the-art technologies, highly available data centers, and innovative cloud messaging platform offer maximum security, maximum performance, and business continuity. With experience in steering information flows at the enterprise level, Retarus ensures that information is transferred securely and reliably to the right place, at the right time, in the right format since 1992 and with now 15 subsidiaries on four continents. 75 percent of DAX 30, half of all EURO STOXX 50, and 25 percent of S&P100 companies rely on Retarus services. The partnership between ActFax Communication and Retarus includes a technology partnership for the integration and operation of automated fax services.