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Company Profile - About ActFax Communication

The main activity of ActFax Communication is the development and support of ActFax, one of the most powerful network fax solutions currently on the market. The high demand for fax solutions for heterogeneous environments initiated us for meanwhile more than 24 years to develop a fax server system that easily integrates with different environments, like Windows, DOS, Unix, Linux or mainframes.

High Quality and Reliability

The company headquarters of ActFax Communication is in Krems/Donau, Austria. Research, development as well as service and technical support for ActFax are done from that location. All over the world thousands of contented customers trust in our products and esteem us for the high quality of our support and the fast availability of software updates. As an innovative and flexible company, we handle problems and suggestions from our customers in a straight and fast manner, so don't hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions or suggestions.

Supporting our Customers

Being close to our customers is very important for us. Thus we attach high importance to respond very fast to questions and problems of our customers. Of course we are aware of the fact that no software and also our products cannot be 100 % error-free. Fixing bugs and supplying appropriate software updates is therefore usually done within a few days.

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Did you know that ...
  • ActFax can be downloaded at the Download area for testing before buying?
  • deleted fax messages are automatically moved to the recycle bin to avoid loss of important faxes?
  • forms and bitmaps (i.e. logos) can be automatically added to a fax with overlays?