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ActFax Update Packages

Every new ActFax license automatically comes with 2 years of free updates. Updates exceeding that period can be installed by ordering an update package. Such update packages are available for a time period of 1 year, 2 years or 3 years. The longer the period for the update package is, the lower the annual costs for updates are. If there is an update package required for the installation of an update, you are informed by a notification message automatically displayed when the setup for the update is started.

This ensures further development of ActFax and integration of future Windows versions and technical innovations.

ActFax Update Prices
License Type  3 Years US-$ 2 Years US-$ 1 Year US-$
5 User  327.50 262.00 196.50
10 User  437.50 350.00 262.50
20 User  582.50 466.00 349.50
50 User  777.50 622.00 466.50
Unlimited User  1,032.50 826.00 619.50
All prices excluding taxes, including postage & shipping

ActFax Update Prices
License Type  3 Years Euro 2 Years Euro 1 Year Euro
5 User  275.00 220.00 165.00
10 User  370.00 296.00 222.00
20 User  490.00 392.00 294.00
50 User  657.50 526.00 394.50
Unlimited User  872.50 698.00 523.50
All prices excluding taxes, including postage & shipping

To order an ActFax update package, please use our Online Order System (128-bit SSL encryption for secure data exchange), send us an email to sales@actfax.com or contact us by fax. Take care to enter your full company name and address to guarantee fast and smooth order processing. Payment can be done with credit card (Visa, MC/EC or American Express), bank transfer or check. If your company is in the European Union (EU), make sure to also enter your value added tax identification number (VAT-ID) with the order.


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  • deleted fax messages are automatically moved to the recycle bin to avoid loss of important faxes?
  • forms and bitmaps (i.e. logos) can be automatically added to a fax with overlays?