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Transmission error with analog modems


Transmission errors occur when sending faxes with an analog modem.


Transmission errors with analog modems are often caused by a bug in the modem software (firmware) or by a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) with poor signal processing. We recommend to only use quality modems for fax operation, since low-cost modems usually do not work very reliable in practice. A list with recommended modems to be used with ActFax can also be found at Knowledge Base Article #9463.
Problems with bugs in the modem firmware can usually be solved by running the modem in fax class 1 mode with the following settings. By running a modem in fax class 1 mode, the modem software is only doing basic operations and most parts of the fax transmission are controlled directly by ActFax in that case. We also recommend to use at least ActFax Version 5.01 when running a modem in fax class 1 mode.
If you still have problems sending faxes to specific fax machines even with modified modem settings applied, more information about an alternative delivery method can be found in the Knowledge Base Article #7661.

Recommended settings for analog modems with transmission problems

  • Menu Communication / Modem / Modify
    • Modem Type: Generic Class 1 Modem
    • Modem Class: 1
  • Menu Communikation / Modem / Modify / Port Settings
    • Baud Rate (bps): 57.600
    • Data Bits: 8
    • Parity: None
    • Stop Bits: 1
    • Flow Control: Hardware
  • Menu Communikation / Modem / Modify / Extended
    • MR-Compression (Modified Read): enabled
    • MMR-Compression (Modified-Modified Read): enabled
    • Error Correction Mode (ECM): enabled
    • Transfer Rates faster than 9.600 bps: enabled