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Access to the fax server through a terminal server session is not possible


Connecting to the fax server through a terminal server session is not possible.


When ActFax is running as a Windows service, access to the fax server window through a terminal server session is not possible. The reason for that conflict is, because the ActFax service always has to be running on the desktop of the console session. When connecting through terminal services, Windows creates a new self-contained desktop for the terminal server session, so the fax server window cannot be accessed from that desktop.
You can solve this with one of the following solutions:
  • If the system is running Windows 2003 or newer it would also be possible to connect to the console desktop with a normal terminal server connection when you start the session with the parameter /admin or /console (i.e. mstsc.exe /admin or mstsc.exe /console).
  • Access the fax server directly on the console screen rather than using a terminal server session to access the fax server.
  • Use a different remote access software (i.e. PCAnywhere or Teamviewer) instead of a terminal server session to access the fax server.
  • Stop the fax server service and start the fax server in application mode by double-clicking at the fax server icon on the desktop. That way you can access the fax server also through a terminal server session. It is recommended to start the fax server as a service again before you leave your terminal server session in that case.