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Use ActFax with VoIP/SIP (Fax over IP)


Is VoIP/SIP (Fax over IP) supported by ActFax?


Using ActFax with VoIP/SIP is possible when the add-on software XCAPI from TE-Systems or softIP from Dialogic is used in combination with ActFax. XCAPI or softIP act as a replacement for the fax modem or fax board in that case, so no additional fax modem or fax board is needed.

For fax transmissions through VoIP it is recommended that your IP-gateway supports the T.38 protocol (Fax over IP). When the T.38 protocol is not supported by the IP-gateway, fax transmissions are still possible, but in such a case, the fax transmission is done through a normal voice channel through G.711 protocol. This might result in transmission problems when using a weak VoIP connection.

More information about ActFax in combination with VoIP is also available through the VoIP/FoIP page.

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Did you know that ...
  • an absence replacement can be specified for each user through the User Administrator?
  • ActFax has a central phone book and private phone books for each user?
  • different priorities can be specified for each fax?