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Using ActFax on a virtual machine


Can I use ActFax on a virtual machine?


Virtual machines (i.e. VMware ESXi, Hyper-V) would by no problem with ActFax. It is recommended to use at least ActFax version 6.10 when running the fax server on a virtual machine. On a virtual machine, internal fax boards do not work.

For analog fax lines, a possible solution would be using a network based USB hub to connect normal external USB fax modems to the system (i.e. the AnywhereUSB hub from Digi).

For ISDN lines, using a fax capable ISDN router with remote CAPI interface would be a good solution for virtual machines. We have made good experience with routers from LANCOM with Fax Gateway Option and with Bintec/Teldat RT series media gateways.

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Did you know that ...
  • deleted fax messages are automatically moved to the recycle bin to avoid loss of important faxes?
  • ActFax automatically moves faxes to the archive after a predefined period?
  • different priorities can be specified for each fax?