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Contact Details & Message to ActFax Communication

In the following table, all important company details about ActFax Communication can be found. If you need additional information, please use the contact form below to send us a message.

Contact Details
Company Address:  ActFax Communication-Software GmbH
Bäckerberggasse 3
A-3500 Krems/Donau
Phone:  +43-2732-73204-40
Fax:  +43-2732-73204-25
Web:  www.actfax.com
Email:  office@actfax.com
Trade Register:  FN 259727b, LG Krems
Executive Director:  Helmut Vogler
VAT-ID:  ATU61622934
DVR:  1023616

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For further informationen or when you have questions regarding ActFax, please completely fill out the following contact form. We will immediately process your request and you usually get feedback from us within a few hours.

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  • different priorities can be specified for each fax?
  • ActFax automatically retries failed fax transmissions using a sophisticated technique?
  • ActFax has an integrated search function that uses full text search?